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ok ok, for Venezuelans these are the “oh my gosh, i miss my country” ones. And the picture surely talks by itself.



Arepas are Venezuelan everyday bread. They are not really bread since their principal ingredient is corn flour, no wheat at all, but the usage is exactly the same. They resemble Mexican tostadas, but these are unique!

Their round shape makes them perfect to filled them up with whatever you might find in your fridge or simple as butter and cheese.

These from the picture have black beans (home made), white “cotija” cheese and avocado. Simply delicious.

harina-panArepas are made from a dough with Harina Pan (pre-cooked white corn meal), water and salt, but i always add other cereals as oats, wheat germ, quinoa, etc., to make them more nutritious and a little more different. Do you want to try?


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