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englsih muffins

Have you ever eaten home made english muffins?

Most of us have not!

and why is that? because you find them packed in the supermarket, knowing they are good enough.

But if an industrial english muffin taste great, imagine these ones hand kneaded  and baked at home. It’s so rewarding to see a recipe come out to look and taste like the real thing.

They have the perfect size just to eat enough or to become a glutton and eat them all!!

butter, honey,  jam, some cheese, eggs, vegetables…anything goes with these fluffy friends that Hestia just love to bake!

Originally eaten by the “downstairs” servants in England’s Victorian society, the English muffin surfaced and rose to prominence in Great Britain when members of all classes of society became aware of its goodness. The family baker made English muffins from leftover bread and biscuit dough scraps and mashed potatoes. He fried the batter on a hot griddle, creating light, crusty muffins for the servants. Once members of the “upstairs” family tasted these rich muffins, they began to request them for themselves – especially during teatime.

As a result of the English muffin becoming the “most fancied” bread on the isle, English muffin factories sprang up all over England. Muffin men could be heard in the streets selling their muffins from wooden trays slung around their necks. For teatime in private homes and clubs, the English muffins would be split and toasted over an open fire and served in a covered sterling dish alongside tea. The popularity of the English muffin reached its zenith in Great Britain during the years preceding World War I.

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