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ok ok, for Venezuelans these are the “oh my gosh, i miss my country” ones. And the picture surely talks by itself.



Arepas are Venezuelan everyday bread. They are not really bread since their principal ingredient is corn flour, no wheat at all, but the usage is exactly the same. They resemble Mexican tostadas, but these are unique!

Their round shape makes them perfect to filled them up with whatever you might find in your fridge or simple as butter and cheese.

These from the picture have black beans (home made), white “cotija” cheese and avocado. Simply delicious.

harina-panArepas are made from a dough with Harina Pan (pre-cooked white corn meal), water and salt, but i always add other cereals as oats, wheat germ, quinoa, etc., to make them more nutritious and a little more different. Do you want to try?


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Golfeados are sweet rolls very common, and famous, in Venezuela.

Every bakery has it own Golfeado recipe and it is basically made with typical Venezuelan ingredients: papelon (cane sugar), a salty, hard, white cheese, and anise seeds.

Just delicious.

And because Hestia Bakery comes from Venezuela….we cannot leave this wonder-sweet-bread behind!

Los golfeados son unos roles dulces, muy comunes, y famosos! en Venezuela.

Cada panaderia alla tiene su propia receta, pero todas llevan basicamente los mismos ingredientes, muy venezolanos ellos: papelon (o piloncillo), queso blanco salado y semillas de anis dulce.

Simplemente deliciosos.

Y como Hestia Bakery viene de Venezuela, no podiamos dejar de lado a estas dulces exquisiteces.

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pornografia culinaria

creatividad culinaria

This is the first bread Hestia started to produce for sale. It is a traditional Venezuelan bread ate during Christmas time since 1910. The recipe is anonymous. And here it goes!

The recipes are posted in separated Pages. Just look at the right side of the blog and click on each type of bread to find it!

Here in the Bay Area, as we all know, most of us are vegetarians…..

Hestia produces vegetarians “ham breads” as well as non-veggies…..only made by order.


the first ones!

Este es el primer pan que Hestia produjo para la venta. Es un pan venezolano tradicional que se come durante las Navidades desde 1910. La receta es anonima. Y aqui les va!

Cada receta esta posteada en paginas diferentes. Busca al lado derecho de la pagina principal y dale click a la receta que quieres ver.

Aqui en el Bay Area, la mayoria de nosotros somos vegetarianos……

Por eso Hestia produce “panes de jamon” vegetarianos tambien….solo por encargo!

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